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Russell Martin
Christian Author
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Russell L. Martin, Author
Review image from A Regular Day In The Life Of An Author
Tuesday 6/19/2018
A Regular Day In The Life Of An Author
Honey, I’m home! What ya doing? Writing book 2 in The Portal Series, “Bloodline of the Scrolls”!!
Russell L. Martin.

Review image from 061718
Monday 6/18/2018
Russell L. Martin rejoices with brothers and sisters in the Lord, as several young people are added to God’s Kingdom Family. Lives are regularly being changed at Heart of Worship in Pineville, Louisiana; and that is something to rejoice over! #ScarsOfMyGuardianAngel

Review image from Father’s Day with the In-Laws
Sunday 6/17/2018
Father’s Day with the In-Laws
Most all little girls love their Daddy, and it is quite evident at the Beaulier’s house! Happy Father’s Day to father-in-law, Ron Beautiful, to author Russell L. Martin, and all the Dads out there!

Review image from Speaking To Veteran Prisoners
Tuesday 6/12/2018
Speaking To Veteran Prisoners
Russell L. Martin enjoyed visiting with the veteran incarcerated at the Federal Correctional Facility near Pollock, LA. After visiting with these men, he realized their focus was on hearing and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Russell is asking all who see this post to please pray for these men. He said it was an honor to be in the presence of these veterans who had previously served our country.

Review image from 060918
Saturday 6/9/2018
Saturday morning Porch Talk with Russell L. Martin. His heart overflows with thankfulness after receiving a phone call from a reader a few days ago. The man that called spoke in great detail of how Russell’s novel had touched his life with healing and hope in many areas.
“Scars of My Guardian Angel”

Review image from Mystery Giveaway Gift Basket
Friday 6/8/2018
Mystery Giveaway Gift Basket
Who wants to win this huge beautiful basket full of surprises? Details coming very soon; be watching!!!

Review image from Summer Time, Reading Time
Wednesday 6/6/2018
Summer Time, Reading Time
This lovely lady has found a wonderful spot to read and relax! What are you doing this summer? Have you ordered your copy of “Scars of My Guardian Angel” yet? Get it fast... in only 2 days with Amazon Prime!

By, Russell L. Martin, Christian Author

Review image from Grandkid Week
Tuesday 5/29/2018
Grandkid Week
The beautiful bright blue eyes and blonde hair make it down the genetic line very strong with Russell L. Martin’s daughter and granddaughter, Courtney and Olivia. This mom and daughter duo are spending a week with Pawpaw Rus and LaLee as part of their summer break.

Review image from Traveling To Red Hill Cowboy Church
Tuesday 5/29/2018
Traveling To Red Hill Cowboy Church
Russell L. Martin, wife Laura, daughter Courtney and granddaughter Olivia; traveling to Red Hill Cowboy Church, in Delhi, LA. Looking forward to sharing some Christian songs with the church folks and picking up our Ellie Mae. She has been at horse school for over a month, and we miss her! Russell will also talk to the folks a bit about his novel, “Scars of My Guardian Angel”.

Review image from Speaking Engagment To Incarcerated Veterans
Friday 5/25/2018
Speaking Engagment To Incarcerated Veterans
Russell L. Martin was honored to be the guest speaker at the Federal Correctional Institution in Pollock, LA. The event was to honor incarcerated veterans on Memorial Day Weekend. Russell was met with kindness from the staff and a warm hospitality from the inmates. He was able to speak freely about the Lord with an enthused group of Christian men. After his presentation, Russell gifted the prison library and the Warden with a couple copies of his novel, “Scars of My Guardian Angel”. It is Russell’s prayer that his book would draw each reader closer to the Lord.

Review image from Diana Rhodes Review
Thursday 5/24/2018
Diana Rhodes Review
Diana Rhodes speaks quite frankly about why “Scars of My Guardian Angel” is not the normal genre or type book she likes to read. When you listen to what she has to say, you will understand why Laura and Russell L. Martin find it so easy to love this new friend that the Lord has brought their way!

Review image from Church Music
Thursday 5/24/2018
Church Music
Christian author Russell L. Martin and wife Laura, are pictured here sharing gospel worship tunes for an Easter Sunrise Church Service a few years ago. Along with writing novels like “Scars of My Guardian Angel”, Russell has also has a deep passion for his music. He has written several Christian songs that the couple enjoy singing at different churches in their community.


Russell L. Martin, known to his family and friends as Rusty, was born and raised in Grant Parish, located in central Louisiana. His family lived near the poverty level throughout his childhood. With a limited education and a strong desire for a better life, he hired out with a traveling construction company that installed oil and gas pipelines all across the U.S.A. Starting out at the bottom of the food chain, working as a laborer with little to no money, he would camp out near creeks and rivers to survive the high cost of living away from home. When his strong work ethics became noticed by his supervisors, he was allowed to advance and work in all phases of the oil and gas industry. After several years of working on land, Rusty decided that it was time to get a taste of installing pipelines in the Gulf of Mexico. To further his education in this part of the industry, he received commercial diving degrees at The Ocean Corporation in Houston, TX. After only a couple years working in the Gulf as a diver he went back to land-lay operations, due to a family crisis. He continued working freelance for multiple pipeline companies, until finally retiring after 34 years in the oil and gas industry.

It was not until he decided to settle back down where his roots of life started in central Louisiana, that he finally surrendered to becoming an author. His love for God, paired with many strange events throughout his life, left him with a gift of telling amazing stories. He has stated, and truly believes, God led him to the keyboard of his old work laptop. Surprising his family and friends, he unveiled a hidden talent that no one realized he possessed, including himself.

Rusty has also written 13 wonderful Christian songs, that he and his wife share in local churches around their community. Playing his Taylor guitar and singing Christian music is truly a deep passion of his heart. He and his wife, Laura, live a humble and quiet life on a few acres nestled in the middle of Kisatchie National Forest. They enjoy life with their two horses, Ellie Mae and Hollywood. This couple also loves two stray dogs they rescued out of the deep woods. The one they call Daisy May looks like she might be a redbone hound, and the other one, Nibbles, well he’s just a dog.


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