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Texas Revolution Running Back
Dr. Jen Welter
Dallas Texas

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Dr. Jen Welter
Review image from Elizabeth Schaefer
Friday 5/23/2014
Elizabeth Schaefer
Jen Welter makes a surprise visit to Nebbie Elementary in Rockwall, Texas. The fourth grade class was given the assignment to portray a famous Texan. After listening to Jen Welter talk about how young girls can be smart, pretty, and athletic; 4th grader, Elizabeth Schaefer knew exactly who she wanted to portray during the school event. Elizabeth got access to personally interview the First Female Running Back in a Men's Professional Football League. However, the fun escalated when Dr. Welter showed up to see how Elizabeth would share her story. Elizabeth and Dr. Jen Welter were the main attraction as the hour long event included Dr. Welter signing autographs for all of the kids and many teachers who were inspired by her story! Shown in this picture is 4th Grader Elizabeth Schaefer and Dr. Jen "Kid" Welter of the Texas Revolution.

Review image from Dr. Jen Welter
Friday 5/9/2014
Dr. Jen Welter
Dr. Jen Welter is proud to test her newly completed News and Updates site. She looks forward to providing future updates and news about her life and career to the public. Please stay tuned and don't forget to visit

Since becoming the first woman to play men's professional football as Running-Back (non-kicker / place-holder), and popping back up after getting hit by BIG men, Dr. Jen's inspirational story has made her a hit in the media.

Dr. Jen has appeared on the Today Show, Arsenio Hall, and Steve Harvey. Dr. Jen's story has also been showcased online by Sports Illustrated, People, MSN, Yahoo, Fox, and countless others. Not only has the story made waves here in the states, but it has gone global with publications like the Daily Mail in the UK, Studio 10 in Australia, ESPN Brazil, and more.

"A Mutiny brought me in, the pressure of the gridiron formed a Diamond, for the USA we won Gold, twice, then getting hit by men caused a Texas Revolution. Yes, I love this Game!" -Dr. Jen Welter


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