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Barnes Bariatric Surgical Solutions
Dallas, Plano & Fort Worth Texas
Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Average rating: 4.75 out of 5 based on 36 reviews
Barnes Bariatric Surgical Solutions
Review image from Carrie
Another 5 Star Rating Barnes Bariatric Surgical Solutions
Wednesday 1/29/2014
Today was a good visit. Very pleased with Dr.Barnes.

Review image from K. Steans
Another 5 Star Rating Barnes Bariatric Surgical Solutions
Wednesday 1/22/2014
K. Steans
Great staff that care about your success of weight lose. I had some challenging health issue. Because of the surgery, I have no more health issues....Thank You Dr. Barnes & Staff

Review image from Annie W.
Another 5 Star Rating Barnes Bariatric Surgical Solutions
Tuesday 12/31/2013
Annie W.
I am very happy the Dr Barnes and his staff. He has made me more aware of health issues that I wasn't aware of. His staff has been very friendly and helpful to my needs and care. I wouldn't change a thing about this whole process. Caring and very helpful.

Review image from Heather Sanchez
Another 5 Star Rating Barnes Bariatric Surgical Solutions
Friday 12/20/2013
Heather Sanchez
Everyone at Dr. Barnes' office has been over the top helpful and friendly from the front desk receptionist to the nurses and office support staff. Krystal has gone above and beyond helping us with prescriptions and any issues we have had, she's always a sweet voice on the phone to help out! Beverly is always helpful and a cheerful face to see! Cindi has been so helpful too! Mary has been a great support and wonderful resource and always available to answer even the silliest of questions about food! And it was so nice to see Jeff in the OR, always nice to have a familiar face in the midst of it all! And of course Dr. Barnes has been wonderful, his office and bed side manner is great, he's always ready with an answer to your questions and puts you at ease!

Thank you all!

Review image from Krystal H
Another 5 Star Rating Barnes Bariatric Surgical Solutions
Thursday 12/19/2013
Krystal H
Dr Barnes and staff are the best. They are all so helpful and truly care about their patients!

Review image from C.Boyd
Another 5 Star Rating Barnes Bariatric Surgical Solutions
Friday 9/13/2013
Dr. Barnes is an exceptional doctor. He is so precise and informs you about everything that he does. You couldn't hope for a more concerned doctor. I Love Him!!!!

Review image from A. Neloms
Another 3 Star Rating Barnes Bariatric Surgical Solutions
Friday 9/13/2013
A. Neloms
The staff is friendly but a but there is a lot of disorganization with the intake and scheduling processes.

Review image from P. Kaess
Another 5 Star Rating Barnes Bariatric Surgical Solutions
Wednesday 8/14/2013
P. Kaess
Dr Barnes was informative and very detailed before the surgery. The visits after surgery have been detailed and concerned w/my well being. This last visit, I got a bit of a butt chewing but needed it to get me back on the program.

Review image from F. Brown
Wednesday 8/7/2013
F. Brown

Review image from K.Jordan
Another 5 Star Rating Barnes Bariatric Surgical Solutions
Wednesday 7/31/2013
Dr. Barnes and his staff have truly been AMAZING!! He explained everything to me thoroughly before, during and after surgery. I knew what to expect throughout the entire process. I would recommend Dr. Barnes and his staff to everybody!!

Review image from L. Mandl
Another 5 Star Rating Barnes Bariatric Surgical Solutions
Wednesday 7/31/2013
L. Mandl
overall my experience has been wonderful
Dr Barnes and his staff have been helpful and forthcoming with information. I have always been able to ask questions and receive an answer that I am able to understand. I have never felt rushed at my appointment time. Everyone has demonstrated a very positive attitude and never made me feel bad about myself even from the beginning at my highest weight of my life. I also appreciate the additional info about the vitamin supply. I was a bit overwhelmed prior to surgery and found it very helpful to be able to order from a supplier that had everything-pre and post-and also understood exactly what I needed.

Review image from Y. Chang
Another 5 Star Rating Barnes Bariatric Surgical Solutions
Wednesday 7/31/2013
Y. Chang
Dr.Barnes and his staff are WONDERFUL!!! I can't thank him enough for giving me my life back and looking at me like a human and not just another overweight person. He takes the time to sit and talk with you even if it is something minor. Any concern I have has been answered and taken care of. I will always be indebted to Dr. Barnes. If you are thinking about weight loss surgery, come in and just meet him. You'll be glad you did.

Barnes Bariatric Surgical Solutions Client Review and Testimonial

Board Certified Bariatric Surgeon in Dallas and Fort Worth Texas Area

Dr. Barnes is an experienced, board certified, compassionate surgeon who offers a variety of effective surgical procedures to help you lose weight to live a healthier, more productive life and feel more confident about your appearance.

The weight loss surgery practice of Gregory Barnes, MD, understands the physical and psychological importance of fighting morbid obesity. Dr. Barnes can help you achieve life-changing weight loss. His bariatric surgery center for Dallas / Fort Worth, and Arlington, Texas area patients provides weight loss surgery for people suffering from the debilitating effects of morbid obesity.

Read about our Weight Loss Seminars in Plano and Fort Worth

Providing patients all the tools to succeed with weight loss is of high importance to Dr. Gregory Barnes and is why he provides not only surgery, but also a comprehensive weight loss surgery treatment program. The program includes pre-operative assessment, weight loss treatment counseling, regular follow-up care and support groups to help you lose weight safely and effectively. Hear more about Counseling and Support.

Seminars from our bariatric surgeon address a variety of issues regarding morbid obesity. Dr. Barnes and his entire staff are committed to your success. The comprehensive treatment program is designed to help you through every step of the process. We are with you in the fight against morbid obesity. Together, we can help you achieve the health of body and mind you deserve.

Plano- Victory Medical Center | 2301 Marsh Lane | Plano, TX 75093 or Call (214) 506-2660

Fort Worth-1106 Alston Avenue | Ft Worth, TX 76104 or Call (817) 506-4360

Weightloss can be so life changing and we are so happy that you are reaching out to contact our bariatric practice. We look forward to offering you our full spectrum of weightloss procedures and want to give you the most personal care possible as you begin on your journey to the happy, healthy life you deserve Dr. Barnes has assisted and mentored so many of his patients in their weightloss quest and and helped them conquer obesity that had previously riddled their lives. We hope you come in for a free consultation and begin your personal journey to Get Your Life Back!

F Barnes Bariatric Surgical Solutions proudly serving Dallas, Plano and Fort Worth Texas


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