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North Texas is one of the strongest softball communities in the country featuring great teams from Dallas, Ft. Worth, Arlington, Keller, Garland, Mansfield, Mesquite, Denton and surrounding cities.

Mesquite, Texas features one of the top Girls Select Softball teams in all of Texas. The 04 Texas Travelers compete in the most prestigious events in the country.

Softball Teams are only as good as the family’s that support them. The 04 Texas Travelers are the most talked about Select Softball Team in North Texas. Each player understands their role as a team member, but more importantly what it means to be the ultimate team player. Filled with talent, and numerous awards and championships; the 04 Texas Travelers strive to attract players and parents with common interests such as:

Promoting the game of fast-pitch softball.

Creating an environment in which players can reach their full potential and achieve the self-confidence and positive self-esteem necessary to be successful both on and off the field.

Developing individual skills and team tactics to enable players and/or teams to compete at the national level.

Assisting all of our players in obtaining D1 College scholarships.

The 04 Texas Travelers organization exists for the specific purpose of developing a competitive youth fast-pitch softball program whose goals are to develop players capable of competing at the highest levels in the country with the demonstrated skills necessary to earn a college scholarship. Our dedicated coaches and volunteer staff facilitate our athlete’s growth by conducting challenging practices and scheduling the highest level of competitive activity available. However, reaching these goals must be accomplished within the proper framework by instilling character, self-esteem, confidence and sportsmanship with the young athlete.

Achievement of these lofty and worthwhile objectives within the appropriate environment can only be reached through the mature behavior and exemplary conduct of the coaches and parents of the Club. Their relationship with the players must be of the highest ethical and moral standards and be based upon concern and just principles that ensure equitable treatment will prevail in all circumstances.

An aggressive desire for victory combined with the procedural and graduated development of softball skills through exceptional coaching and advanced training techniques is of paramount importance. Nevertheless, everyone should realize that, fast-pitch softball is only a game and is the forum we use to help our athletes mature into responsible adults.

The 04 Texas Travelers play ASA Softball, and plan to compete in ASA Nationals for 2017. The strong North Texas Softball Club has won at IFA-VTD, USSSA, and ASA levels and continues its push to become the 2017 ASA National Champion. In addition to playing in the ASA National Tourney; the Texas Travelers will also play in each of the national Qualifier Texas Challenge Series, and the Hall of Fame Softball Tournament in Oklahoma City. The team is a fully funded endorsed softball team that intends on continuing its great success in the softball world.

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