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Global Health Innovations
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Tuesday 4/16/2019
Global Health Innovations
Coupling research with our programmatic work has proven to produce better outcomes for the mothers and children we care for. Leading this endeavor is our dear friend and colleague, Dr. Sarah Finocchario-Kessler at KUMC. Her leadership and expertise in this research continues to bless the lives of so many!

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Thursday 4/11/2019
Africa continues to be the most affected region by HIV/AIDS in the world. At GHI, we aim to increase access to treatment and eliminate the virus completely. Learn more about the life transforming work we do by visiting the link on our page!

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Tuesday 4/9/2019
Global Health Innovations
Reproductive health programs are among the most worthwhile investments in health today

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Saturday 4/6/2019
World Health Day 2019
Improved women’s health means improved family and community health. World Health Day 2019

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Wednesday 4/3/2019
why it matters
Why it matters: Data shows that Africa continues to be the youngest continent. With that being said, investing in the health of children in Africa is our top priority. Seeing these children puts a big smile on our faces. We want to continue to see these precious faces for generations to come.

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Tuesday 4/2/2019
Health Publication
Our HIV PMTCT research with KUMC/KEMRI was recently featured in the march edition of Health Business Journal in Kenya, Africa.

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Review image from Meet Karen Bhima
Tuesday 3/12/2019
Meet Karen Bhima
“Life makes us wonder, wonder what we, in our own small way, can do to contribute to making the world a better place for ourselves, our children and our children’s children. Well, as for me, coming from one of the counties greatly hit by the HIV/AIDS pandemic, it’s a joy working the the HITSystem and being part of the team working towards the dream of an HIV/AIDS free generation by positively impacting one exposed infant at a time through timely provision of PMTCT interventions in rural Malawi.”-Karen, GHI’s Malawi HITSystem Coordinator.

We are so thankful for our hard working program coordinators at GHI.

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Thursday 3/7/2019
International Women’s Day
“Working for the HITSystem is a privilege because I specifically get to work in women’s health. Not only is the HITSystem a practical tracking tool in HIV care but it is also a unique space where women can trust and openly communicate with their health providers so they can make better and more empowered decisions about their health and their children’s health. The present and future is female and I am honored to be a part of it.” -Irene, GHI’s Kenya Program Coordinator
A very Happy International Women’s Day from the staff at GHI.

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Wednesday 3/6/2019
Global Health innovations
Global Health Innovations is a non-profit organization that exists to design, implement and manage medical programs focused on providing solutions to SAVE LIVES…one village at a time.

Global Health Innovations

Global Health Innovations is a non-profit organization that exists to design, implement and manage medical programs focused on providing solutions to SAVE LIVES…one village at a time.

HIV/AIDS continues to have a devastating impact on people living in resource-limited countries around the globe. Over 800,000 newly born infants become HIV positive each year with little access to HIV care. Without intervention, 15%-45% of these infants born to HIV-infected mothers get the virus. In the absence of antiretroviral therapy, more than 50% of children will die before their second birthday and 75% will die by age five. The HIV / AIDS epidemic kills over 6,000 African people per day. It’s both preventable and treatable.

Simple HIV testing for pregnant women, specialized testing for infants born to HIV positive mothers, and treatment if positive, saves lives. The facilitation of HIV DNA PCR testing of perinatally-exposed infants, and the early-initiation of antiretroviral therapy when identified as positive has proven to reduce the chance of that child dying by 75% in resource-limited countries.

Sometimes solutions require us to think a little differently. This is one of those times. Using technology to improve health is at the core of what we do at Global Health Innovations. In areas of extreme poverty, this can be tough but not impossible. So we put together the HITSystem.

It’s far more complex really, but the HITSystem plays a comprehensive role in improving the health outcomes of women and children affected by HIV/AIDS. This intervention program drastically improves the facilitation of timely HIV DNA-PCR testing and ultimately the early-initiation of anti-retroviral therapy.

The HITSystem is an innovative online system that facilitates improved communication between clinics, laboratories, and mothers to ultimately improve care for HIV-exposed infants. Based on the country specific HIV Pediatric Guidelines, the HITSystem utilizes an algorithm based on the infant’s date of birth to establish alerts for the eight time-sensitive interventions for HIV-exposed infants. Once an infant is enrolled into the HITSystem, they are tracked until they are either 1) determined to be HIV+, initiated on HAART, and linked to lifelong pediatric HIV care, 2) conclusively determined to be HIV-negative at 24 months, or 3) accounted for the rare outcomes of infant mortality or transfer to another health facility. Every step of the EID cascade is monitored by the HITSystem to ensure appropriate service at the right infant age to maximize prevention and treatment outcomes, and targets excessive time lags for laboratory test results.

When You Give, Your Donation Means Optimal Health Care For Orphaned & Vulnerable Children as well as Life-Saving Interventions For Mothers & Children With HIV / AIDS.

Global Health Innovations is a US registered 501c3 and all donations are tax-deductible.


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