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Segler Coffee & Tea Co.
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Segler Coffee And Tea Co.
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Friday 8/4/2023
Segler Coffee & Tea
Sailing the Sea of Life…One Cup of Coffee at a Time
“Komm, lass uns einen Kaffee trinken”… Come on, let’s drink a coffee.
Germany and coffee have been synonymous since Segler’s (German Sailors) have been sailing the Baltic Sea tracing the coffee culture back to the 17th century.
There is nothing more satisfying than facing the menacing waves of life head on and enjoying your cup of Segler Coffee or Tea celebrating your triumphs.

Segler Coffee & Tea Co.

Sailing the Sea of Life, One Cup at a Time

Today, everyone is going a million miles an hour; never seeming to have a moment to sit back and relax. Coffee and Tea can be traced back to centuries but was only afforded to the ultra-elite.

Adam Segler, Founder of Segler Coffee & Tea Co., has a story like many of you. He worked hard as an electrician by day, helped raise his young sons, and has carved out time to support a charity he calls GODWORX. (As a matter of fact, 10% of every order of Segler Coffee & Tea Co will be donated back to this worthy cause. Read more about GODWORX INC Here.)

It seemed like every time something great happened in his life, a big wave of reality would hit him in his face reminding him how treacherous the unknown waters could be.

One early morning after Adam had frantically got his boys ready for school, and barely dropped them off just before the tardy bell rang; he had an unprecedented hour of time before his next electrical job. He decided to take that precious hour of gifted time and enjoy the silence of his thoughts with a nice warm cup of coffee.

This was a perfect time to relax and reflect before the chaos of life would rear once again. The only thing that was missing was the perfect cup of joe. Born on that day was Segler Coffee & Tea Co. Taking his German heritage of the sailors before him and the perfection of coffee Germany has long been known for; his idea to make a velvety-smooth great tasting coffee down to the last drop be accessible for everyone to enjoy as they sail the seas of life.

Holding himself to the highest standards of roasting, Adam Segler provides 100% grade 1 gourmet coffee for those in pursuit of the perfect cup. Teaming with a resident Master Roaster, Segler oversees and ensures the quality of each and every bean that goes into the roaster providing you with complete satisfaction for every brew.


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