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Jenkins & Kamin, LLP
Family Law Firm
Houston Metro Area Legal Counsel

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Jenkins & Kamin, LLP

Jenkins & Kamin, LLP

Experience matters.

Compassion counts.

Jenkins & Kamin’s attorneys share an unyielding commitment to helping families in the Houston & Conroe, Texas area, bringing a personal approach to each family law case they handle. Jenkins & Kamin handles cases that range from complex, high net worth divorces to modest estates in need of more economical management and resolution. Regardless of the circumstances in your case, it is always our goal to give the client a sense of security during a time of uncertainty.

Our practice is exclusively focused on all areas of family law for families in the Houston & Conroe, Texas area, including cases involving other jurisdictions, domestic & foreign. Jo Jenkins, Lynn Kamin, and Maisie Barringer are all members of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, an exclusive group of top tier lawyers from across the country with strong referral relationships. Jo Jenkins is also a member of the International Academy of Family Law Specialists, giving the firm access to the best international connections in the law.


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