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Medical Supplies
COVID-19/Coronavirus Rapid Test Kit
KN95 Masks & More

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Apache Commodities
Review image from Advanced Thermal Imaging Technology
Thursday 6/18/2020
Advanced Thermal Imaging Technology
The Automated AI Temperature Screening System (AATSS) is the least intrusive way to protect your customers and employees with temperature detection in less than 3 seconds.

Review image from Gold Shield Available Now
Wednesday 6/10/2020
Gold Shield Available Now
GoldShield Cleaning Supplies are alcohol-free and proven to provide long lasting protection against organisms on any surface. Visit us online for GoldShield products today!

Review image from Sanitizer Pump
Tuesday 6/9/2020
Sanitizer Pump
Apache Commodities now offers commercial hand sanitizing pump stations that work with both liquid & gel hand sanitizer.

Review image from Rapid Test Kits
Monday 6/8/2020
Rapid Test Kits
Massive testing is the best path forward to protecting our communities. Visit us online for more information on the COVID-19 Rapid Testing Kits we have available.

Review image from Stay Safe with Sanitizer
Thursday 6/4/2020
Stay Safe with Sanitizer
Keeping hand sanitizer readily available is crucially important as daily routines are returning. Stay safe and stay sanitized.

Review image from Show them you care
Tuesday 6/2/2020
Show them you care
Show your employees & customers that you care by ensuring they have the equipment they need to keep them safe. We offer a variety of PPE supplies and have the quantity & quality to fill your needs.

Review image from We Have You Covered
Friday 5/29/2020
We Have You Covered
Face shields, thermometers, masks, gloves, gowns, no matter what you need...Apache Commodities has you covered.

Review image from SanitizingPump
Friday 5/29/2020
Apache Commodities is proud to offer foot-pump sanitizing stations, perfect for your business or any outdoor event spaces.

Review image from PPE Equipment
Wednesday 5/27/2020
PPE Equipment
Investing in PPE Equipment is crucial for businesses & large organizations. No matter what you require, KN95 Masks, Gloves, Surgical Masks, Disposable Gowns, and more - Apache Commodities has a wide selection and can meet any order.

Review image from Gold Shield
Wednesday 5/27/2020
Gold Shield
GoldShield's Hand Sanitizer and cleaning products are alcohol free and FDA Approved to kill microorganisms and provide long lasting protection. Visit us online today for a wide selection and sizes for any need of Gold Shield cleaning products.

Review image from GoldShield
Tuesday 5/26/2020
We have Goldshield products in various sizes to fulfill any need. Water-stable & alcohol-free Gold Shield sanitizers safely remain on skin and surfaces and is proven to kill microrganisms. Visit us online today to see all the products we offer.

Review image from Safelywork
Tuesday 5/26/2020
As you are returning to work, make sure you are doing so safely. Apache Commodities has the supplies you need for your staff including, gloves, masks, cleaning supplies, sanitizer, & infrared thermometers. Visit us online today!

Apache Commodities Group

COVID-19 Rapid Test Kits, Surgical Gowns, N95 Facemasks & More

Apache Commodities Group is pleased to offer medical supplies that are in demand for public safety during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Our selection of products are available for low-cost to the public with ease of access directly through our website or by calling (888) 440-0092 COVID-19 Testing Kits


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