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Bubba Thompson Realtor
Homes for Sale Lake Texoma
Sherman, Denison, & Pottsboro Properties

Average rating: 5.00 out of 5 based on 35 reviews
Bubba Thompson Realtor
Review image from Todd and Cory Bertrand
Another 5 Star Rating Bubba Thompson Realtor
Friday 8/3/2018
Todd and Cory Bertrand
My husband and I decided to.finally make the move from Plano life to fulltime lake life, a shared dream of ours. I found Bubba's YouTube videos on LakevTexoma living after working with other realtors that truly left a lot to be desired. Bubba is true professional in every sense of the word. You will not be disappointed by what he brings to the table as a realtor. I will definately reccomend him to my friends and family.

Review image from Aaron & Kelsey Wilson
Another 5 Star Rating Bubba Thompson Realtor
Wednesday 7/18/2018
Aaron & Kelsey Wilson
After a few failed efforts to buy a home on lake Texoma we were connected with Bubba Thompson who promptly showed us two properties that were in line with what we were looking for. By the end of the week we had our future dream home under contract. During the process he was professional, informative, there were no questions that were too big or too small for him. We recommend Bubba with the upmost confidence to any of our friends and family!

Review image from Rachael Tooley
Another 5 Star Rating Bubba Thompson Realtor
Tuesday 7/10/2018
Rachael Tooley
I cannot express how thankful I am for Bubba. He made the process of listing my rental so easy and hassle free. Not only did he market my rental well, he brought all the necessary legal paperwork for my renter and I. I would recommend Bubba to anyone who is renting a property or looking to sell their property. He has a wealth of knowledge for Grayson county and years of real estate experience

Review image from Harvey And Jody Smitherman
Another 5 Star Rating Bubba Thompson Realtor
Tuesday 5/15/2018
Harvey And Jody Smitherman
Bubba Thompson was absolutely wonderful to work with. He is extremely knowledgeable about the housing market in our area, he took time to listen and was quick to respond to any questions we had. He was even a huge hit with our son Trent, who thinks he is our famous you tuber because of the amazing video he made of our house. :)

Review image from Mike Winford
Another 5 Star Rating Bubba Thompson Realtor
Monday 5/7/2018
Mike Winford
Bubba was top-notch. He kept me informed and made the process much easier to navigate. He was knowledgeable of local area and was a tremendous help in helping us find and secure a new home. I would highly recommend Bubba to anyone looking to buy a new home.

Review image from Max and Vicki Trimmell Cartr
Another 5 Star Rating Bubba Thompson Realtor
Thursday 4/26/2018
Max and Vicki Trimmell Cartr
Mr. Thompson is one of the best "agent" I have worked with in my many years of dealing with brokers. His responsiveness, his knowledge, was the main reason we choose him. Bubba Thompson has made a friend in us. We respect honesty, professionalism, integrity, and excellent responses to all our needs. He is "an agent" with integrity. In this day and age, extremely important. My family had a true comfort with him. I am opinionated. He is amazing and hopefully as we settle in the community of Pottsboro, if we have real estate needs, he would be the one person we would come back too. Excellent "agent". We will recommend Bubba first if anyone inquires on these demographics we are now residing in. I have personally told him he reminds of a wealthy broker, Mark Banham that has been in real estate for over 25 years. He resides in Sante Fe and sells worldwide. Bubba is that caliber. A wonderful person, I wish him and his family, all the continued success that life has to offer.

Review image from Earl and Helen Davis
Another 5 Star Rating Bubba Thompson Realtor
Thursday 4/5/2018
Earl and Helen Davis
Bubba was great. Always returned our calls in a timely manner. Easy to work with. Bubba is a great agent and very helpful and knowledgeable. We would highly recommend him.

Review image from Davna Powell
Another 5 Star Rating Bubba Thompson Realtor
Sunday 3/25/2018
Davna Powell
Bubba is excellent at his job. He is available, has consideration, he is highly motivated with a positive attitude. Using his expertise he was very thorough and asked questions that I did not think of . I would recommend him to family and friends!

Review image from The Creech Family
Another 5 Star Rating Bubba Thompson Realtor
Sunday 3/4/2018
The Creech Family
Bubba Thompson was very polite, he told me he would be able to market the house an he did an excellent job. the house sold before it went on the market. He made our experience very easy.

Review image from Sabrina Combs
Another 5 Star Rating Bubba Thompson Realtor
Thursday 3/1/2018
Sabrina Combs
After I spoke with Bubba he was very responsive in getting back with me on the properties that I was interested in, and that's what sold me on him. Additionally, I have really appreciated his professionalism. He arrives early and opens the house, he is friendly and knowledgable. I also like that I can tell he loves what he does and he loves houses, like me!

Review image from Jr and Cindy  Hahn
Another 5 Star Rating Bubba Thompson Realtor
Wednesday 2/28/2018
Jr and Cindy Hahn
We would be more than happy to recommend Bubba Thompson to any and all that may be looking for a home to buy. He not only paid attention to all of our needs...but to our wants as well, knowing that what we wanted out of a "forever home" would indeed be important to us, and why. We feel like he made that a priority to himself, and that in itself encouraged us to learn more about Bubba. He was always very friendly, and acted like "his" time was "our" time for as long as we needed it, and to us, that was important. He didn't "hurry" our visits in any way, making us feel that whatever we wanted or needed, he was making into a major concern to himself, which led us to believe that he wasn't just "saying" we were important in every way...but proving it. That always stood out with each meeting we'd have with him. And then...when Bubba found out that we had seen a home previously that we had fell in love with but "knew" we simply could not afford...he very quickly asked why.....and then went from there. He not only took our reasons for saying "we couldn't have" and forced them out, replacing them with concrete evidence that seemed to prove we "could have"....and now, because of him, and his encouragements, we are the proud owners of that home. We've not only gained a forever home, but have gained a "forever friend" in Bubba Thompson, and for that we are very grateful.

Review image from Adam and Sara Schettler
Another 5 Star Rating Bubba Thompson Realtor
Friday 1/19/2018
Adam and Sara Schettler
Bubba's a great guy, very courteous. He kept us informed throughout the whole selling process. Helped us with any questions we had. He was quick to get it on the market. He took a bunch of good pictures. The listing pictures were so good that it almost made me want to buy it!

Bubba Thompson Realtor

Real Estate Agent for Homes By Lainie Real Estate Group

Lake Texoma Living

Jeff "Bubba" Thompson was raised on Lake Texoma and is very knowledgeable of the lake and surrounding areas that his clients can take advantage of in the search for their perfect home! He has an extensive background in business management, sales, and marketing which made his addition to The Homes by Lainie Real Estate Group team an ideal fit. The Homes by Lainie Real Estate Group is one of the top real estate agencies in the entire Texoma area and his extensive knowledge of both the real estate market, as well as the local area is an asset to any client.

Bubba Thompson serves clients in the areas around Lake Texoma, Pottsboro, Sherman, Denison and more! He specializes in lake, farm, and ranch homes.

About The Lainie Real Estate Group

We assist our clients with their real estate transactions in Grayson County and we specialize in lake properties. Our staff and agents work with you from the beginning of the buying or selling process to the end and beyond! We value the relationships we develop with our clients, and work hard to ensure the best experience our clients have ever known! We do this by truly caring about your outcome and what is best for you, utilizing technology and placing our staff and agents in positions that they are best at and where they can help you the most.

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