What we believe

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    Mission Statement:
    DeliveryMaxx’s mission is to be EVERY Companies choice to provide innovative tools to create customer engagement through social media and online reputation management helping our clients attain new customers and help them keep their customer for life.
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    Core Values:
    We value our employees and encourage them to make productive suggestions. We want them to succeed at their job. One of our visions is to create a Great Place to Work. This can only be accomplished by placing a high value on every employee and their responsibilities inside and outside the workplace. DeliveryMaxx’s Core Values are People, Purpose, and Profit.

    People make the difference in our company whether they are clients or team members. Our purpose is to provide perfect service 100% of the time. By taking care of our people, and providing perfect service, we will earn great profits!
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    DeliveryMaxx is committed to innovative quality work and superior customer service in all aspects of our business.


  •     ”I just want to let you know that since we started the DeliveryMaxx Program we just had the best month in the history of our store, and our reputation has never been better. Thank you for everything you do”.
    Jack Auffenburg
    Wolfchase Chrysler Jeep Dodge

DeliveryMaxx’s Foundation

DeliveryMaxx has built a company aligned with experts in the multiple industries. Our goal is to employ and empower individuals who embody an entrepreneurial spirit thus providing exceptional service to our clients including digital solutions, social media marketing, online reputation control and management, search engine optimization, customer loyalty, web development, advertising, and consulting.

Every program is customized to meet our clients’ goals. Each client has a specific need whether it is a goal to increase sales, positive online reviews, branding, additional revenue streams, market penetration, consumer satisfaction index, or all of the above. DeliveryMaxx was built on these same principles and is well versed in many disciplines that benefit all of our clients.

Every client has a team of real individuals who care and are evaluated by the success of the solution that is designed specifically for them. Our reputation is your reputation.

DeliveryMaxx's Founders

Our Founders

Social Media’s Answer to Customer Engagement & Online Reputation Management

Josh Deaton and James Schaefer, Co-Founders of DeliveryMaxx have created something pretty special for any company who depends on the internet for business. With DeliveryMaxx’s patent pending technology companies are able gain a competitive advantage over their competition by having customers turn into a virtual billboard advertising their experience for the world to see.

DeliveryMaxx was created after its founders noticed businesses experienced a lack of vendors that could provide a program that truly engaged potential customers through the internet. In addition; many of these vendors didn’t know how or couldn’t provide a program to help local businesses with this need.

James Schaefer, DeliveryMaxx’s Chief Operating Officer has spent his career in sales, marketing, executive management, and advertising working with some of America’s greatest minds. He is well versed in business development having owned several successful businesses before DeliveryMaxx. James shared Josh’s vision and is charged with guiding DeliveryMaxx into additional markets helping all of DeliveryMaxx’s clients create a successful strategic digital marketing plan.

Schaefer is very active in the day-to-day operations of DeliveryMaxx and has put together a team of experts to deliver exceptional results for all of DeliveryMaxx’s clients. Partnering with DeliveryMaxx means your business has access to all of the tools the DMAXX App provides along with a dedicated support team to help you achieve your goals.